5 Super Easy Ways To Get Swiss Clients To Your Beauty Salon, Aesthetics or Plastic Surgery Clinic

“Finally Marketing Tips That Are Designed For You To Use Immediately”

Struggling to get new high-quality clients through the door into your Swiss beauty clinic,

Why I’m I not surprised,

I was living through exactly the same thing,

About three years ago until 🤹🏼…

I decided to trust a beauty marketing consultancy…

If you read up to here then,


Check out the following mind-blowing facts,

That show that you should not be struggling,

To find new clients…

The aesthetics industry in Switzerland has been growing SUPER FAST 📈

In 2020, the industry saw a 20% increase client requests for facial aesthetics,


Probably wondering why & how this happened?

Here are some questions we asked ourselves…

Was it the Zoom effect? 🖥️

Was it due to people’s ability to recover after their beauty treatment while working from home?

Imagine how crazy that is…

Working from home with a mask or simply,

Relaxing at home while you heal? 😷

Or was it because there are less activities (such as holidays, social events, business trips, conferences etc.) going on? 🧳

Or is it just because we’re all looking for a little energy boost right now? 💆

Fed-up of seeing your tired face in a Zoom Box for hours at a time…


The truth is that it’s a mixture of all of the above.

But seeing yourself everyday has definitely triggered a new thought process…

Well here is a cheeky idea…

Offering a service that makes you look great on your conference calls…

Comment if you like it?

Gaining Clients For Your Beauty, Aesthetics Or Plastic Surgery Clinic

There are some easy steps you can take to turn this increased interest into clients for, your beauty, aesthetics or plastic surgery clinic.

Come and let’s talk about them here below ⤵️

Recommend A Friend For Discounts

Your existing clients are your strongest assets. 💪


You can use them to show off your results,

Happy Clients Refer Happy People 😄,

Moreover, they can recommend you to highly qualified friends, 💬

Act as your salesforce.

So why not USE it?

Let me guess,

You don’t have time…⏰


Recommend a friend referral schemes are a great way to incentivise,

Your existing customers to take action and recommend you.

What do you need to do to get them to take action?

In most cases they’ve already mentioned your work,

So why not help them to take that ACTION and get their friend to book?


You should offer them 10% off their next treatment when they bring a friend…

Referral schemes work so well,

Just make sure to choose your client ambassadors well 🙋🏼‍♀️

You could also offer them products or perks for every customer they bring,

Maybe they bring 5 friends, and they get a treatment for FREE? 👭

Some customers will be repeat recommenders – Wohoo!

The cost of the reward will be outweighed by the profits from your new customer.


Think Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) which is,

“How much revenue your client will generate for your beauty salon or aesthetic clinic during their lifetime”

Source: https://www.feedough.com/customer-lifetime-value-clv/


Keep track using loyalty cards, your bookings system or a bespoke database.

So, according to your data, your beauty client usually spends $100 per session,

Around 3 times per year and remains the customer for 3 years on an average,

Means their lifetime value will be: 100 x 3 x 3 = $900

Simple right…

Email Marketing (One Of My Personal Favourites)

Email marketing is a low-cost way to reach your clients. 📧

You may have just started a new service,

So why not introduce it to your current clients.

They may not have booked in for a while. ⌛

It’s a great way to just say hi,

There might be a special offer or promotion that they should know about,

Your database of past customers knows you, they’re open to treatments and it’s up to you to let them know 🙌🏼,

You can automate emails to send at trigger points,

Trigger points are a way for you to tell your email system when it should send,

A specific email 📧

For example,

A trigger could be this specific email,

That you’ve already prepared, is sent to your clients’,

Only 10 days after they had their beauty service in your aesthetic salon…


Just before your clients birthday or special event,

You can create new ones for bespoke offerings.

You can choose to only send certain topics to certain customers.

Botox and eyelid lifts are some of the most popular interventions right now,

According to our data and Swiss clients that we work with…

We recommend you use email to promote these services to your clients,


What a pity if your not doing it yet,

Your sitting on a goldmine that you have spent the time to build…

Imagine it’s as if you buy beauty products that you don’t use,

Because you have too many products in your bathroom…💄

And you don’t see all your beautiful creams and cosmetics

Now hopefully that will get started!

Oh before I forget,

The other great thing about email? 📧

You get statistics, reports and insights that you can use to promote your offering further.

Funnily enough you could also send surveys or customer experience questionnaires…

Social Media For The Beauty Industry 🌟

Not only does social media drive trends, it will help you drive customers through the door.

How can you do this you ask?


Take high quality photos HD for your social media channels to showcase results. 📷

Content Examples:

  • B&A (Before and After Shots),

  • 5 ways to achieve desired results,

  • How does a Cellu M6 session happen? “Guide them step by step”

  • Aesthetic Clinic Near Me “Guide to why we are always talked about”

Offer a Video or Downloadable Doc with the procedure…

Help your beauty prospects visualize and feel the benefits,

People want to know what’s going to happen before it happens 😂

Share useful, informative content.

Use effective hashtags to reach your potential audience. #️⃣

Think before generating random hashtags,

🎩 TIP TIME (For Beauty Aesthetics near me) Hashtag Edition

For example, if you use #beauty on your Instagram posts,

Someone who follows that hashtag will see your recent post in their feed,

You will gain some new followers this way.

Interact with your audience,

By asking them questions,

Discussing with them 🗣,

Don’t make it a one way conversation or,

Answering with a like only,

Drives me crazy because it’s so lazy…😡

Take the time to communicate with them,

As if you were messaging your friend…💙

Try targeted social media ads, created to reach your target audience.

One very important thing here is that you make sure that you’re,

Spending the time doing your research,

Make sure you know your customer profile,

To the slightest detail…

Do you know where your beauty clients hang out? What do they love doing?

What jobs do they have?

If not,

Get back to the drawing boards…

Increase reach and awareness of your business. 🚀

Again, Social Media offers you top insights and,

Data that you can use to help develop your marketing strategy.

Grow The Amount Of Reviews 💬

Reputation is everything today,

Trust me,

I’ve been doing beauty marketing for nearly six years now…

Listen to this,

I was shocked to find out how little effort beauty salons are putting into online comments,

Times are changing in the beauty industry,

All the beauty institutes, plastic surgeons and clinics are doing the same marketing,

However, they always forget to build their Social Proof,

Meaning Feedback & Comments from their current clients…

Don’t tell me that your clients are that busy,

To not be able to leave 1-2 sentences as comments on Google,

Because be sure that I’ve heard it all before 😅

Why not try this?

On Google My Business you can send a direct link to your client,

Where they can easily leave a comment & one click 5-Star rating…(Takes 2 Min)

Don’t believe me do it for yourself:

Here is our link:

Leave us a fun review about our blog 😃



Why is this great?

You can then use this comment on your website, social media (Facebook & Instagram),

See where I’m going with this…

Simply the process,

And you’ll get results…

Now you know,

Your potential clients will check you out online before they get in touch, 📱

There’s a wealth of information and options at everyone’s fingertips,



They’ll look for reviews. 🗨️

And they will find them,

If they can’t find reviews Trust Me new prospects will not be calling and certainly not visiting,

They’ll look for customer recommendations…

In aesthetics and beauty, the results must be Super clear and easy to see. 👀


Your potential customers will look for a beauty business that they trust,

Don’t Forget,

You are treating possibly one of the most important parts of the human body,

Their FACE 🙍🏼‍♀️

TRUST IS CRITICAL and you know that your good,

So stop complaining and start sharing that with everybody…

The Massive Power of PR

Public relations first of all refers to the following

The variety of activities conducted by a company to promote and protect the image of the company, its products and policies in the eyes of the public. It aims to manage public opinion of the organization.

So it goes hand in hand with reviews and recommendations 💫

✔️ It’s about building your profile and reputation as an expert,

✔️ Raising awareness of your reputation,

✔️ Making your prospects realise just why you’re the right beauty salon or clinic for them,

✔️ Getting in front of more pairs of eyes to grow your business,


PR can be incredibly effective at getting you out there and building your reputation. ✅

This could be the start of something special,

We’ve helped so many beauty businesses in Switzerland so..


Why not – Check out how happy our clients are

They finally have the time to take holidays with the loved ones again…

If you don’t try any of the above, you’ll never know if it works,

That’s enough from me…



The goal is not to copy a title,

But to gain inspiration.

I’ve been rambling on way too long.


Wishing all my aesthetic doctors & beauty professionals a fantastic day!


Private Marketing Group

Marketing Designed For The Beauty Industry


Don’t be scared to share your marketing efforts with us

I know, our team would be happy to help.

If you followed the steps above you’ll start to shine like a 🌟



When deciding whether I need beauty marketing services, I always check other agencies around and moreover ask my friends, family and network if they know anyone. I only make a decision once I’m sure that I cannot find a beauty marketing professional that is trustworthy and great to work with. You can do the same with Private Marketing Group.


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