5 shocking results that drove our client, a Swiss beauty clinique, to start writing blogs

As the owner of an aesthetics business, you’re obviously pretty busy.

Correct me if I’m wrong please…

You start your day by…

Furiously running between patient’s turning up late, rescheduling, calling in sick and oh I nearly forgot…

Just not turning up at all 😱

And that’s only the routine morning shenanigans…

You are also managing, or in other words, acting as a psychologist for your team,

Handling their personal and professional issues,

That have magically appeared over the weekend 😒

So, I know how you must feel,

You just don’t have the energy or time to do anything extra for your aesthetic/beauty clinique.


Here is a minimum effort task with a maximum impact return 🙌🏼

Take an hour a day,

Find a topic that your clients’ ask about,

Could be info on hyaluronic acid or botox injections,

Can you use it to structure and/or contour my jawline?

What other parts of my face can you fix or improve?

Is there a package deal or payment plan for a full-face procedure…

…I think you get it now.

Cool so now I’m going share with you the top 5 reasons you should be writing a blog for,

Your aesthetic/beauty clinique.

1- Content Marketing

Is the perfect way to reach potential customers especially when you communicate about…

Your specific treatments and services including;

Hyaluronic acid injections for,

The lips,



Nose bump corrections.

If you’ve read up until here then…

The following comment will be right on the money.

A blog is a great way to share and communicate longer content about the beauty industry,

Than social media marketing.

Think about why a customer would want to come to your Clinique?

Because you are an expert and therefore chances of great results are higher🥇

Hopefully pretty clear up until here.


2- News and Publicity

Share the story of your clinique and don’t be shy because your community wants to know about it.

Why is that ?

Humans love stories and moreover, great gossip so get on with it and share it.

Your blog is a fantastic way to communicate a success story, milestone or achievement.

Think about it.

You want your content to have exactly…

….what your clients’ are typing on Google.


Type the following on Google

“injection acide hyaluronique” then

Press the space bar to see what Google suggests

And I’m willing to bet that is says…

“genève prix”


So use Google as a tool 🙌🏼


Will explain more below in the next section (SEO) ⬇️


Here are 5 questions to give you some inspiration.

1- What are the latest procedures to improve lip volume without breaking the bank?

2- What are the newest products that you use and why do you use them?

3- How much does it cost to inject lips in Switzerland?

4- Why did we choose to work with Vivacy products?

5- How to remove tired bags under the eyes in Geneva?

1- SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Référencement)

This is the only technical section I promise…

…I will give it my best shot to simplify it though.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Beauty Marketing, or more specifically,

For your clinique Swiss Montreux for example,

is the language Google understands.

You need to understand this…

What do you think the Google language is?


Google language is simply keywords (words that are typed in the Google Search Bar by customers) so we use this tool called NeilPatel to find those keywords.

Why does ranking on Google matter so much?

Don’t act surprised but if your website is not on the first page of Google then technically you don’t exist.

Yes, its harsh but true.

Think about the following…

…When was the last time you were on the second page of Google? 😒

This next section is really great for the whole beauty industry, especially if you own or manage a clinique,

Or even a clinique esthétique à geneve

If you noticed the (spelling mistake is on purpose)…for SEO purposes

Think about the amount of people

Who misspell as they type on Google 😲

2- Education

This might be the best thing for beauty marketing and blogging that…

…works especially well if you want to build reputation and grow your customer base.

It’s called Education Blogging

“using blogs to educate and build viable relationships with your current and future customers”.

It’s a method that allows you to set yourself apart from competitors and also offer free value to your customers, which will help them make a decision…

…on if they come to your Clinique or go to your competitors.

The customer journey has on average 142 touchpoints before a final purchase is made.

So why not help your customers learn, bust myths, discuss safety issues or even provide FAQs…

…It’s so quick to do and you’ll be surprised by the impact it has.

3- Authority

Let’s assume that you’ve figured out how to write fabulous blogs

(by using the previous 4 tips I just mentioned above).

Now let’s take it to the next level.

By providing insights, education and key information about the aesthetics/beauty industry, you’re positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

While that may already be the case in your personal & professional circles…

…your clients do not know that 🙌🏼

Make your authority, expertise and personality your unique selling point.

You are you and nobody else is you.

Remember that your clients are looking for results, professionalism and a great experience.

Crazy idea 🤯

So why don’t you write a blog about what your customers may/should expect during a consultation with you? 🤔 perhaps even incorporate a video…

Alright Awesome! So now what?

When it comes to writing your aesthetic/beauty blog think of it as another channel of communication…

…making your clinique marketing omnichannel, having various communication channels, and therefore more visible to your end clients.

WARNING! I see this all the time with my clients who are doctors, plastic surgeons and wellness institute directors…

…they forget to take the time to think of who their customers are.

Sounds simple but it’s such a common mistake.

You can’t sell to EVERYONE!

Here are a couple questions to ask yourself to help you get started:

1- Who is your customer (demographics, passions, hobbies, values, topics of conversation, family, where do they like to hang out etc…)

2- What questions do they ask you before, during and after treatments? Ask your receptionist, assistants and colleagues what questions they have gotten today?

3- Take 10 of your current clients and try to segment them into 2-3 groups. What similarities/differences do you see?

So that you can write fabulous high converting Blogs

Here is a simple Step-By-Step Checklist 📖

Download your FREE BLOG Checklist guide below ⬇️

I’ve been rambling on way too long.

So here are two options for you,

to not miss out on more free advice from Beauty Marketing Specialists.


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All in all…

It’s all up to you now 😃


Wishing all my aesthetic doctors & beauty professionals a fantastic day!


When deciding whether I need beauty marketing services, I always check other agencies around and moreover ask my friends, family and network if they know anyone. I only make a decision once I’m sure that I cannot find a beauty marketing professional that is trustworthy and great to work with. You can do the same with Private Marketing Group.


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